Observed and Written by Katherine Ingram

Born in Mexico, and raised in Germany, Geoffrey Goodridge studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and moved to New York City to work as an assistant to some of the best photographers in the world.

Learning from them and developing his photographic skills along the way, his interest in documentary work mixes with Portraiture, Fashion, and Architecture, to find a deeper truth: ones own placement in time. Looking closer at his subject matter; the turn of a model’s head, the look in a child’s eye, or the shadow cast by a building's facade reveal a sudden vulnerability, or a strength of character.

In Geoffrey's work, one enters a heightened state of reality; a suspension of time and truth; a search for a moment - whether his photographs document the transformation of Manhattan, or the indigenous peoples of Mexico. Even in his fashion photography or family-centric documentary, there is something larger at work.